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How to Create Backup and System Restore windows 10?

Windows operating system comes with an in-build system backup and recovery process, windows 10 is the updated version of the windows operating system. Backup of the system is now needed as mostly all the credentials and digitally saved files are saved in windows and creating a backup of windows and place it in any secondary device will help you to easily restore it by following the given steps you can easily create backup of the system and restore it when needed.

Steps to Create Back up of the system:

  1. Open Control panel by searching it in the search menu.

This will redirect you to the control panel menu.

  1. Choose system and Security:


Here you can easily view an option to create backup of windows. By clicking on system and security you will be redirected to a long menu where you have to select Backup and restore windows.

back up

Choose Backup and Restore windows option and then it will redirect you the another page from where you can easily create an system image.

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Backup and restore

By clicking over the create a system image you will be asked for the another device in which the backup needs to be stored. You are provided with different options that either on any external device or on your own hard-disk the image can be stored. This image is larger in size and needs proper space in the storage device.

After following these steps the backup created will be stored In the choosed device as an image in an given amount of time, as each time it will ask for your command to procced.

Steps to Restore windows 10:

The create image backup will eventually be used when needed and it can be easily restored by the created backup image.

External device should be bootable.

The Bios setup should support external device connectivity to access image backup.

  1. Connect the external device and enter in BIOS menu by clicking F11 while initialization of OS.
  2. Choose USB/External device in which image backup is stored.
  3. Follow the simple steps and Choose Repair your Computer instead of Install.
  4. Click troubleshoot option and choose System image recovery in advanced option.
  5. Choose the target OS.
  6. Click next and follow few more confirmation steps and restore your windows.

These are the basic steps which can be easily followed to create an backup image of the windows and use it when needed, this will eventually help you to keep an copy of your windows in a secondary device and access it when needed.